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Status: Queensland (Australia) Charity

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Banking details (Australia): Bank: Commonwealth Bank, Account name: Lily House, BSB 064 239, Account No. 1002 1155, (All donations over $2 are TAX deductible)

Lily House is a women’s accommodation centre  providing a safe environment for young homeless women, pregnant women and women in  crisis.  

Our program utilises the expertise of local teachers, counsellors, service providers and community groups. The in-house program is holistic and focuses on mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical health, offering  young women the chance to improve their life and the lives of their children.

At Lily House we recognize that we live in a society where homelessness is rising. Lily House seeks to directly address this problem by providing tangible support and accommodation for these women at the moment in life when they need it most!

Lily House is a women’s temporary accommodation centre that was opened in May 2008 as a response to a need for temporary housing for women during a period of readjustment in their life. At present two homes are in operation as part of a long term vision for a series of homes on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. These homes will offer short-term accommodation, with the aim of assisting young women facing hardship and helping them to integrate into the community with a sense of hope and purpose.Baby_Zaccaiah.jpg

Lily House focuses particularly on young pregnant women in need of support to enable them to give birth to their babies and establish themselves in the community with the basic skills and support needed to create a loving safe environment in which to raise their child.

Since opening its doors, Lily House has provided assistance to women experiencing various forms of crisis; young mothers and infants fleeing domestic violence, homeless women of all ages and pregnant young women.

Lily House aims to bring wholeness to women from all walks of life, being committed to serving the total person physically, emotionally and spiritually. Lily House is staffed and maintained totally by volunteers on the Sunshine Coast. Residents have been introduced to Lily House through referrals from local and government organisations, local churches, community groups and private recommendations.

I came to the Lily House because my Ex- Partner kicked me out when I was 7 ½ months pregnant. I had no money what so ever (as I am not entitled to Centre link payments as I am a New Zealand Citizen) and I really had nowhere else to go where I didn’t feel like a burden on anyone. How I come across the Lily House was actually by my Father (who lives in NZ) as he was searching on the Internet trying to find me some housing where my Ex-Partner could not find me. The Lily House offered me, Protection, Trust, Love, Relaxation, Support, Counseling and most importantly, a FAMILY, everything that I had not had for a very long time since most of my family lives in New Zealand.

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