Resisting self-centeredness is an initiative by Everyday Believer Pty Ltd - is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for profit Commission (ACNC) since 2013.

We help raise money for charities and other organisations that uphold the truths of the Christian faith. We do so by helping our members give away some of their luxuries to orphanages and other worthy causes - things such as the birthday or Mother's Day or Christmas gifts they were due to receive. 

Through our email reminder service and by encouraging their family and friends to make a donation on the behalf of our member as an exchange for a birthday or Christmas gift, we help our members give something valuable without actually taking spending any more from their own wallet. 

Our members use our service free of charge.

Neither our Members or the Beneficiaries listed with us, nor any other party pay us any money whatsoever for our service. Every cent donated goes directly to the charity intended by our members.

Whilst we welcome donations to keep us going, does not exist to make money out of this service. In so doing, we serve as a sign post to worthy charities which exist to ease the plight of millions of people across the globe.

We have selected a few worhty causes. If you do not find the charity of your choice here, please let us know which charities you would like to see here and why? and Tax

Where the Beneficiaries listed with are registered tax-deductable entities, donations made to them may be deducted from tax, thus making a birthday or Christmas gift more financially savvy than ever.

Whether you make use to this free service or find a charity of your own to donate to, go ahead – embrace the concept; there is much joy in serving the needs of another.

It is more blessed to give than to receive!







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